Saturday, December 29, 2007


I really do hate to "toot" about things, but I had to let you know how excited I am that I was chosen as a designer at Ever since I came across her site and her kits I've been hoping for the chance to design for her. Well, I tried out and MADE IT!!! I can't believe it! Not only does Noel put together BEAUTIFUL kits! But she has a very inspiring layout blog and challenge blog as well. You can link to these from her home page by clicking on the link at right. ------>


Before becoming a designer for Noel I frequently played along on her challenge blog and actually won PSE! I KNOW!!!! You gotta check her out! In the coming months, not only is she offering fabulous prizes for the challenges, but the winner will also be the Guest Design Team Member for the upcoming month. I hope you'll come over and PLAY! :)

So how was your Christmas? Mine was absolutely FABULOUS. So relaxed and unrushed. We didn't do anything different, so I'm not sure what exactly made it that way, but it was just so nice to enjoy the day and spending time with our loved ones.

The day after Christmas we had a call from a realtor who wanted to bring their client through our home to see it. (It's up for sale.) We spent the day running around like crazy people getting all the Christmas "junque" put away. That night I started to feel sick. The next few days I battled a tummy bug. YUCK! I hate being sick! Today I'm finally feeling back to "normal". AND the realtor will be bringing the same people back through our house sometime next week. I guess we'll see. I'm not in any rush to move twice. But, that usually goes with the territory of building a home, right?

I wish I had more interesting things to post about, but basically we've been hanging out with the kids and trying to keep the house clean. LOL!

Until next time I'll leave you with a few more cards with the Piggy Tales stuff I received from Crop Addict.

Talk to you in a few!


  1. Hey Girl ! I wondered where you were, have a novel in your inbox from chatty me ! lol .... Glad you are feeling better, i know congrats on Noel's team , i love her stuff and she is a doll ! Just ordered from her again today, lol ! I love her challenges too :)
    Loving your piggy tales cards too !
    That would be great if you house sold ! Though i know what you mean about not wanting to move twice ! But i guess its better than it not selling in time ,lol ....
    Ok , have a wonderful New Year if i dont get to talk to ya before ! Looking forward to another whole year of fun ! TTYS !
    Jenn :)

  2. Congrats on the new DT post. I've never heard of Noel before it soundes like fun so I'll definitely pop in and check it out.

    Good Luck selling your house. The way the market is right now, you're smart to try to sell it before your new one is ready.

  3. Yay for you! Noel's kits are awesome, now that I'm on the CA DT I have a little extra $$ that will most likely be spent there! Crossing my fingers for your house, it will be a pain to move but at least you won't have the stress of a double mortgage payment! LOVE your gallery additions at CA, I left you lots of love!

  4. Congrats Jana! Beautiful work, and hot new photo! ;)

  5. Congrats Jana! Glad you are feeling better! Those cards are adorable!

  6. woo hoo!!! CONGRATS! Noel's kits are awesome too! :) I love your piggy tales cards - so fun and cute!

  7. Noel does put together some FANTASTIC KITS!!! i just ordered my january one!!

    Happy new year and congrats on being chosen!!


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