Wednesday, October 10, 2007


I'm sad, and a little deflated. Yesterday, Jennie at 2 Jills announced that she will be closing even though it's only been one week since her Grand Reopening. I was just starting to feel at home in my new Design Team position there. I'm sad, but I understand that Jennie's family needs her right now. Families are the most important thing, so I really think it's a commendable decision.
Maybe someone will decide to pick things up where she left off, . . . I hope so! Great site!

Well then, here is my last page for the 2 Jills October kit. Atleast I got to be part of the fun for a little while, right? Thanks for the fun, 2 Jills! I enjoyed it while it lasted! :)


  1. Dude, that totally bites. I am so sorry! I was digging your pages for them!

  2. Jana, your page is great! So sad about the sight but I understand about the whole family thing!

  3. LOVE THIS! Your style is fantastic! I have a sit on my blog having a call- we can invade there!

  4. I am sorry to hear that...but your LO rocks!! wow.

  5. It's always sad when that happens.
    No matter though, your work is amazing:)

  6. Well, that blows. I know the feeling though, one of the online stores I was on the DT for just closed last week as well. I have a feeling that you'll get picked up for another site very soon (maybe IAAS?)

  7. Wow...what a great page! Sorry to hear about the DT. Bummer!

  8. i am so sad about this too, i am hoping to get my kit just in time to share befor Jennie closes. Gorgeous layout Jana, and thanks for your lovely comment on my blog


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