Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Lazy Sunday Afternoons

My kids excitedly ran to me saying, "Mom, Mom! Thank you! Thank you!" I responded with a confused, "What?!" (I mean when does this happen spontaneously?) "The Boomerang channel is back on the TV!"

I knew right then that this was the official start to the football season! Boomerang meant that dad had called and upped the Satellite service so that he wouldn't miss any of his precious games! LOL!

That same day I snapped this silly picture of my daughter. She looks just like a monkey, so I thought it would make a great page to record one of the nicknames my hubby calls our kids, "Monkey Brain".

This one is just a 6 X 12 I was playing around on. I LOVE doing this size! At first I wasn't so sure, but now when I am in the mood to "play" and not feel pressured to create something stunning, I'll work on this size.

This layout is a picture I took of this silly-looking rattle my daughter received as a baby. I just have always liked this little guy and thought I would snap a quick picture of him before my dog chewed him into unrecognition!

It's almost been a year since we had this family photo taken. I just couldn't find the right paper to go with it. Finally! Carolee's Creations came out with this great line called "Timeless". I really love this black and white toile and loved it for this layout.

Check back tomorrow, I'll be posting my latest creations with the Crop Addict October kit! See you then!


  1. Jana i just love your's amazing...and that family photo layout is BEA- UTIFUL!

  2. Beautiful layouts!! I *LOVE* the football one!!


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